Optimum Allergy


Allergy Testing & Treatment


Treatment Process

Step 1: Finger Prick Test

This test is quick and simple, easy and not traumatic for children. Our FDA approved unique molecular proteomic blood test detects 180 airborne, environmental and food allergies. The procedure consolidates a 67 non-inhalant food panel, a 9 non-inhalant environmental panel with a 104 environmental inhalent panel, including various insects, latex, penicillin, animals, fungi, grass, molds, trees, weeds and more.

Step 2: Prescribe

With the lab results from patient blood work, the doctor will prescribe a 90-day prescription for Allerdent with 3 refills that is then sent to one of our Compounding Pharmacies. The unique FDA approved allergen serum to non-food based allergies is mixed into Allerdent’s OMIT base to create the medicinal toothpaste formula for the patient to pick up at the doctor’s office.

Step 3: Toothpaste

Patients can immediately begin “brushing away their allergies! Patients will feel better quicker because treatment begins at the maintenance level. Symptoms should significantly reduce within months and best of all, no more weekly shots!

brush allergy.png

Benefits To Children

A test and treatment plan that is not scary! Early treatment prevents asthma. A natural therapy that is fully effective and much simpler to administer and carry out. With flavors such as Mint and Berry flavored prescription toothpaste, they simply really do…

Brush away their allergies!

Benefits To Patients

Save money and time over weekly immunotherapy shots (SCIT) or sublingual drops (SLIT). Treatment is paid monthly and with the toothpaste prescription (OMIT), children, teens and adults can treat their allergies by simply brushing their teeth at home!

Benefits To Practice

The practice will monitor the patient’s progress with routine quarterly checkups to measure the results with annual re-testing to provide treatment with physician prescribed toothpaste that is specifically designed to decrease non-food allergies.