CBD Alternative Pain Relief

Our prescription alternative pain relief formula can potentially help reduce the amount of prescription drugs needed to relieve pain after:

  • Surgery

  • Accidents

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

Alternative Pain Relief Ingredients: Whole hemp-derived CBD isolate plus Glusocamine HCL, Chondroitin, Turmuric Root Powder, Corydalis, Peony Root, Angelica Sinesis, Artmeesia, Clematidis Root, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxoide and Acetominophen

Our alternative pain relief formula can also be used to help reduce dependence on traditional pain management medications that include narcotic or opioid prescription drugs.


CBD Liquid Emulsions

Also commonly known as a tincture, our non-prescription CBD liquid emulsions provide rapid and effective absorption of our high-quality oils. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Consider adding a few drops to hot or cold beverages to help:

  • Relieve Pain and inflammation

  • Support Cancer Treatment

  • Lower Incidence of Diabetes

  • Promote Cardiovascular Health

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Relieve Nausea

  • And more!


CBD Supplements

Our non-prescription supplements combine 99 percent pure whole hemp-derived crystalline CBD isolate with vitamins, minerals and other clinically-tested natural herbal remedies. 
Each supplement bottle comes in a 30-count size.

Our CBD supplements include:

  • Immune Support

    • Ingredients: 99 percent pure whole hemp-derived crystalline CBD isolate plus more than 30 daily vitamins and minerals

  • Sleep Support

    • Ingredients: 99 percent pure whole hemp-derived crystalline CBD isolate plus Melatonin, Passion Flower, Licorice Root, Zizphus Jujuba Fruit, Cellulose and Silicon Dioxide

  • Muscle and Joint Support

    • Ingredients: 99 percent pure whole hemp-derived crystalline CBD isolate plus Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin, Turmeric Root Powder, Corydalis, Peony Root, Angelica, Sinensis, Artmesia, Clematidis Root, Cellulose and Silicon Dioxide


CBD Topical Creams

Our CBD topical creams have anti-inflammatory qualities that can benefit beauty and fitness regiments. Each cream is formulated for its specific purpose with additional clinically-tested ingredients.

• Anti-aging Cream: CBD plus Vitamin C, Retinol, Vitamin E and Caffeine

• Topical Muscle Cream: Whole hemp-derived crystalline CBD plus Emu Oil, Menthol, Green Tea, Eucalyptus and Willow Bark

Our luxurious creams feel good on the skin, don’t clog pores, provide deep penetrating relief.

Americann Wellness CBD products are all hemp based, lab tested and approved per our physician's’ orders, each product contains less than .3% THC, making them completely legal for retail sale with no Medical Marijuana card required for purchase!

It’s not your mother’s hemp. It’s not your 16-year-old’s “special” brownies either. At least, not exactly.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are both compounds found in cannabis plants. You’ve probably heard of the latter. But unlike its more popular (and dare we say, louder) sibling, CBD is more of a wallflower. Because it’s not psychoactive, CBD can give you many of the perks of cannabis without actually getting you high. No giggles, no munchies — just health benefits that are medically sound.

All-Natural Remedy: Take a look in your medicine cabinet. Chances are, you’ll spot at least one of the following: pain relief meds, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills or antidepressants. What if we told you that CBD could potentially replace some of those medications? It might sound too good to be true, but the benefits of CBD range from treating insomnia to managing anxiety. Many professionals even recommend it to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from substance abuse.

High-Quality Hemp: When it came time to choose a brand of CBD to sell at IV Lounge, Dr. Ivanov personally considered more than a dozen different brands. At the end of the day, it was no contest — Americann Wellness products blew the competition out of the water. With 1000mg of full spectrum CBD per bottle, it boasts one of the most potent strains available. Plus, it’s organically grown and farmed in what’s considered to be the best microclimate in the world for hemp.

Consider CBD an all-natural alternative to all those pharmaceuticals you may already be using. While there are a few different ways to take it, from vaping the oil to eating a gummy, sublingual ingestion is your best bet for fast-acting CBD benefits. Just a dropper under your tongue could have you feeling the positive effects in minutes.

As with any new health craze, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fad. But you can rest assured knowing that we’re committed to offering only the best products and services to our clients. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from chronic pain or migraines, or need help managing your anxiety, CBD could be the perfect solution for you. No need to keep rummaging through your kid’s sock drawer. Just visit our offices or place your order online to get yourself in a sunny state of mind.

Our tinctures are an effective way to ingest CBD into your system. Americann Wellness CBD products are THC-free and our ingredients are all-natural, non GMO, Vegan, and third party lab tested to ensure their purity and potency.